Wonderful, Diverse London & the Property Market

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London property - new build apartments

Comprising distinct areas, each with a different character, buying a one of the new apartments London can be a challenging business because London is a huge metropolis. Perhaps most importantly, property costs are high, both houses and apartments. The economics behind this really is simple – need for housing is huge and naturally space for new build property is restricted. If you catch the market at the right time and invest in the ‘right’ property you could get a fantastic gem of a property but this can be very rare, most properties in London in the affordable range for the average person are tiny, but this shouldn’t mean the end of your ambitions to own your own home – and it can even work in your favour.

There are many great areas within the suburbs of London, often better than central London, where you are just as likely to find a really good tapas restaurant such as Drakes Tabanco (aka the best tapas in London!) on one street, a dance studio on another and second hand book shop just around the corner, if you’re planning to buy a property to live in then East London is a particularly good option if you like cutting edge places. East London rentals are ever more popular with individuals keen to obtain a foot around the property ladder. Because it is the home of Asian fashion, green Street in East London is a riot of colour. Vibrant blues, greens and reds, along with the glitter of gold, entice the consumer – and flat hunters.

For any completely different experience, you can always search for property in Canary Wharf. Probably the most cosmopolitan places inside london, it is renowned for its exciting urban architecture, such as the skyscraper One Canada Square, the tallest building inside london. The wharf can also be the place to find over 200 high, independent and designer street stores, housed in three malls. Designed to a Canadian model, they are underground and for that reason ideal for winter shopping. To arrange some viewings why not speak to this Colchester Estate Agents who will be happy to help. Also around the water, Greenwich’s maritime history causes it to be a popular with anybody who loves history, the ocean or authentic local pubs. To purchase property in East London, simply decide what type of lifestyle and property you need and begin hunting. We’d suggest somewhere like Greenwich Millenium Village as a wonderful and low cost housing option.

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£40 Million To Be Spent On Property For Students In Bolton

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Bolton property market image being held up by 2 councillors

The property development and market in and around Bolton is soaring and new investment and technology is pushing things further faster and more efficiently than ever before. With local Bolton estate agents such as Open House taking a online approach to buying, selling and letting the property market has never looked more exciting. To add to this upward trend a Brand New £40m student village which is designed for accommodating as much as 850 students within the very heart of Bolton has now moved one step closer.

Property Development Talks

Bolton City Council have for some time now been in talks with the University of Bolton to try and recognize the very best way to accommodate its existing students.

University and Council chiefs have recently now confirmed – Cheadle Square has been definitely earmarked as the preferred place to provide the project.

Preliminary designs have already been unveiled however these will undergo further review and development. Susceptible to the last scheme agreed, delivery may occur in a couple of phases.

Building Developer Announced

An agreement has been signed by Bolton Council, the University of Bolton and the developer delivering the scheme (PSP), underlining their dedication to the joint project.

Funding for your village should come from PSP, the council would supply the land for your campus as well as the university would agree a yearly rental income towards the council.

The agreement means university and council bosses have because of the go on for PSP to carry out more in depth design and costing work.

Once it has been performed and legal terms agreed, a planning application might be submitted within the autumn. Susceptible to approval, PSP could start focus on creating the brand new campus next Spring, with building work very likely to take a couple of years.

The brand new campus will switch the university’s existing halls; Orlando Village, on Thynne Street, as well as the Hollins on Radcliffe Road which together provide 700 single-study bedrooms.

It really is envisaged the new halls contains a variety of accommodation, including studio apartments, and flats with en-suite kitchens and rooms. Rental cost would vary to mirror the typical from the accommodation.

chancellor and registrar will be based as the university head office, as part of the plans. Additionally, legal requirements school will relocate alongside the magistrates’ court.

“The town centre’s long lasting future is determined by schemes such as this one so that we can pull together and with the investment we’re making into these facilities the brand new Interchange, as well as the regeneration of Newport Street.”

The University of Bolton has 11,000 students, 800 staff and brings approximately £1m per week towards the local economy.

Vice chancellor from the university, Professor George Holmes, added: “This can be a magnificent illustration of the real civic leadership shown by our council.

“They may have embraced the university, and gown’ and ‘town haven’t been closer. The following development comes in the proper time, when our university has got the highest percentage development in student applications in the united kingdom.” Source: http://www.thebusinessdesk.com/northwest/news/718405-40m-student-village-in-bolton-on-way.html

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A Guide To Buying Property In Wigan

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Property is always a smart bet. With the ever increasing value of property prices gradually increasing year on year, you can’t go wrong with investing in bricks and mortar. This is especially when property experts forecast that within the UK, prices are likely to increase by 4% in 2015, and then again by roughly the same amount for the following years. It is predicting UK property price growth of 2% in 2015, 5% in 2016, 5% in 2017, 3% in 2018 and 3% in 2019.

wigan propertyYes predictions can only go so far but it is unlikely that house prices will plummet due to soaring rise in population within the UK and with it, the demand for housing. In April 2014, Rightmove conducted an April House price index from around the regions which researched that the annual rate had increased by 7.3% which meant that it had returned to pre-credit crunch figures. Within Wigan, the rate had not reached that high but there was sufficient demand and supply within the area as Laura Platts Of Wigan Estate Agents  Open House reported in April 2014:

“The market buoyancy has led to some sellers thinking they can list their property for more than its value, but we have been advising people to be realistic in order to help them get the best deal. The plans for more new-builds in Standish will only help the supply of stock further in our area.”

property_imageSo what do you need to know to buy a property in Wigan? Well one of the fundamental aspects of buying a property is the need to tick as many boxes on your list of what exactly you are looking for in a property and what you need in order to satisfy your investment needs as well as your living requirements. Don’t compromise on the key things important to you in terms of what you can afford, what you want to get out of it and its long term value, in essence buying a house is going to be one of the most important decisions you will make so make sure you do your research. Many Wigan houses now have extensions because people have chosen to stay in their homes rather than  move to something bigger. Many houses feature a conservatory and Wigan loft conversions and re now very popular. This means you should get a lot of space for the money with a Wigan home.

Wigan, just North West of Manchester and North East from Liverpool is a town of great Northern culture and rich in history with a population of around 318,000. Situated within short driving distance to major city such as Manchester and Liverpool it is an ideal place to invest. The town boasts a football and rugby club, with the Wigan Warriors Rugby league club being the most successful league club in the history of the sport. The town does have the Grand Arcade shopping centre as well as other retail shops and tourist sites such as the Wigan pier.

Living in a small town like Wigan would be suitable for those seeking a township lifestyle without the hustle and bustle of the major cities and of course its brilliant countryside with areas such as the North West regional park also known as the “Greenheart” of the north. All of this is a snapshot but Wigan is truly worth considering if ever you wished to move north but stay away from the cities with a good value property and good access to the country.


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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living on a Houseboat

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Getting on the property ladder is, of course, rather difficult these days. Many people, especially those young people who are stuck in the renting loop, are unable to buy a house. Others still are struggling to hold onto their homes during this time of financial turmoil. One option for those who cannot afford to buy or retain a bricks and mortar home is buying and living on a houseboat. But is living on a houseboat really a good option for most people? Here are a few of the things it is important to consider before making a decision:

– Advantages:

There are many advantages to houseboat living:

– This can be a lower-cost option. The average house costs more than double the average houseboat. NABO, the National Association of Boat Owners, say that the average cost of a canal boat is £60,000 – £100,000. Other boats can cost even less. – This is a chance to simplify your life, get rid of the clutter and live a life unfettered by too many possessions. – In the right location, this can be idyllic living. Some marine centres and canalside moorings can be in the most calm and picturesque of places.

– Disadvantages: However, before considering a move this radical, do bear in mind that this sort of life is not for everyone. It does come with considerable disadvantages:

– Though purchase price is much, much lower than most land-based purchases, you must bear in mind that mooring fees can run into thousands of pounds a year and then there are also insurance, permits and other paperwork to think about. – This is not real estate. Like with a car, your boat will depreciate in value almost as soon as you buy it.

– Space. This is a big one. If you are used to a house, it can seem extremely small. Can you really live in such confining surroundings? – Amenities can be basic, at best. Cold can be an issue. Water and electricity can also be limited in supply so you will be doing hand washing, and luxuries like hair dryers will be a thing of the past. It is important that you try before you buy, to make sure you are not making a big mistake.

– Communication – Sometimes you can be cut off from simple comms such as phone and especially broadband internet. There are solutions for this but they can be expensive and are a little unreliable. Even holidaying on a house boat can be troublesome (I should know, I spent a week on one while I was managing Warrington Digital and it was a nightmare keeping in touch with people!)

house boat

– Alternatives:

If houseboat living does not sound right for you but you are struggling to buy or to keep up to the mortgage payments, what alternatives do you have to expensive renting?

– Land can be an issue, and can be in short supply. But if you are lucky enough to have friends or family with a large garden or plot, why not (planning permitting) consider a small self-build (straw bale dwelling, for example), or live in a static caravan – similar space-wise to a boat but far more easily plumbed into some mains services?

– Co-operation: realising the growing problem, many sustainable housing co-operatives are popping up all over the country. Consider joining one of these co-ops for low cost housing with communal elements. Alternatively, form your own mini-co-op and go in on land or house purchase with friends and/or family. Your options will expand considerably.

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